Allow to input number of squares per colour

if user already has a decided number of squares per colour, allow the generator to place the squares based on the specified number. eg - if blanket is 240 squares with 5 colours, we can determine 48 squares per colour.

That’s a really interesting idea, thank you! I think I’d do this by color, so that someone could say, “I only have enough purple for 20 squares, but I can do 50 black squares.” If someone only specifies numbers for some of the colors, the rest will distribute randomly as usual.


Yes! I have a blanket I am wanting to make with 3 colors, but want to limit 1 of those colors to far fewer than the other 2. It will be just an accent color, but the other 2 colors are the main colors. I am hoping this will be developed! Thank you! :smiley:


Could this also be developed to limit the colors of the rounds? Like if you wanted all the centers to be one color or didn’t want the last round to use the same color as your sashing color but it’s ok if it’s in an inner round?

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