Granny Square software

This is one of the best and easiest generators I have used for random color placement. I wanted to add 14 colors to a tablecloth I am working on so that it doesn’t have rows of repeat patterns and this does the job. Thank you so much for creating this product. Suggestions:
hex color input, or rgb color input, deletion of old or trial saves, ability to print or copy final image to a file as a jpg or pdf.

Hi, and thank you! :heart_eyes: Your suggestions are good ones, and I think they’re covered by existing requests:

  1. Allow entry of hex codes
  2. Delete generated ideas
  3. Printing/downloading a blanket - that thread includes how you can currently print to PDF, but I do think there’s polish to do around that.

I’d recommend voting on those existing feature requests so that the interest tallies are accurate when I go to work on new things.