Languages and Fonts in Granny Squares

When I worked with a designer to redesign Granny Squares a few years ago, we worked through font options for something playful but readable.

What we didn’t do was take good care towards non-Latin alphabets. If you’re writing in a language that uses Latin lettering (English, Spanish, French, etc.), you’ll get the font I chose, Handlee.

As I was testing the site’s ability to handle a wider set of characters for 1.6.0, I realized that that font doesn’t include glyphs for a wide range of alphabets at all.

I’m adding a couple of fallbacks that can broaden the alphabets covered. I’d love any feedback on the font choices, especially if readability/legibility are impacted.

The most popular non-Latin alphabet used by users of Granny Squares is Chinese. I have no idea if this style counts as “playful” at all, but I’d rather have readable than something too stylized:

I dabble in learning Russian, so I was pleased to see it in my site stats.

Like the simplified Chinese example above, in my ignorance, I mostly strive for clarity and readability in Japanese:

And lastly, Arabic:

  • Note that these screenshots are all from my dev version of the site, so the menu is all wrong. :slight_smile: