Missing a color

Hello! I am making a sweater with granny squares on the front. The kit I ordered has 10 colors in it. No matter how many times I generate a pattern, there is always one color missing out of the pattern. And one color is hardly used.

In the latest sweater front (2x7) generated my colors are distributed as such:
Color 27 - 9 times
Color 2 - 8 times
Color 16 - 7 times
Color 30 - 7 times
Color 1 - 7 times
Color 28 - 6 times
Color 73 - 6 times
Color 29 - 5 times
Color 26 - 1 times
Color 32 - 0 times

Help please.

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Hi! My apologies for the slow response. The holidays have thrown me off a bit. :slight_smile: Do you remember if the richness or weight settings were changed from the defaults on any of those? Even though richness/weight aren’t indicated on the final pattern, they do factor into the randomization. The distribution should still be roughly even, so it does look like there’s some sort of problem here on my side.