Allow blankets to be edited

Allow folks to edit blankets. Here’s a tentative list of what folks might want to do:

  • Swap the color in a square out for another color from the original set
  • Rename it
  • ??

What else would people want to edit?

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Specifically being able to edit a saved blanket and then save it as a separate blanket, so you keep both. A flower blanket version 1 and a version 2.

Also would be helpful to be able to save specific colours you have created so you can try new blanket ideas with any of the colours you have already used.


Hi! this is a great design site! I just joined and accidentally saved a blanket design that is not needed. How can I delete it?

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Hi, and welcome! This feature isn’t implemented quite yet, so your blanket will have to stick around for a bit until it’s finished. :frowning: I hope to have an update out that will include this by early summer.

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No worries! I thought of another suggestion, linking finished project pictures to this site. Or links to Ravelry projects. That would help inspire more users and more blankets. :wink:
have a good day