GSC version 1.6.0 Release 12/27/2020

Hey everybody! The big update to version 1.6.0 went live on Sunday, 12/27/2020. The site will be unavailable while the upgrade is happening, which might take a few hours.

Check this thread for additional details and updates.

The update is complete! There were a bunch of changes and it took more hours than I’d hoped, but it’s done! :confetti_ball::dancer::tada: And with that, welcome to the new forums!

See the complete list of today’s updates, and if you have trouble using the site or logging in, contact me.

If you can login, then you should be able to post here once you’ve validated your email address. You can also vote on upcoming features.

I’ll be posting soon about what the next batch of updates will be. For now, I’m very tired. :smile: