GSC version 1.7.0 - In Progress

I’ve barely recovered from yesterday’s release, and I’m already thinking about what my next batch of changes will be. :sweat_smile:

I still have some significant technical changes I need to make under the hood (so to speak), so much like the 1.6 release, this one won’t have huge visual changes. (Although I think the forum is huge to allow me to give these updates, if nothing else. :grin:)

As with the last update, I’m pulling some features from the suggestions I’ve gotten over the years (which you can add to and vote on!), and others from my technical backlog of more structural problems:

  1. Allow multiple login methods on one account
  2. Improve Paypal integration
  3. Allow login/registration after blanket creation
  4. Allow deletion of blankets
  5. Restructure how blankets are stored (a big tech item)

These are tentative for now while I research how to do that final item, but I’ll start working on these before the new year. The long weekend will give me the opportunity to knock a few things out between catching up on sleep and video games. :heart_eyes_cat:

Development has been slow going this month. I’d hoped to use my time off for MLK day to get some GSC stuff done, but my game studio is actually really close to finishing our current project, so I put some extra time into that this weekend.

(If you’re tabletop roleplayer or a LARPer, you should check out Rosette Diceless. We’re releasing a companion book soon that contains a collection of articles giving advice, examples of play, and new optional rules. We spent the weekend putting the finishing touches of copyediting and typesetting.)

Two things in flight right now are the restructuring of how blankets are stored and the improvements to Paypal integration. After that, I’ll move on to deletion of blankets. I switched project management/tracking applications to something fuller featured than I was using before, which is giving a nice, clean way to see what I’m working on.